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Merchant Capture

Deposit without a bank visit.

Merchant Capture* utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. Scan checks received from customers and make deposits electronically to your financial institution, any time day or night. It’s the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash.

  • Immediate: Same day credit until 4 p.m. on any bank business day.
  • Practical: Consolidate funds from remote locations into one financial institution.
  • Convenient: Make deposits electronically anytime from your base location.
  • Economical: Cut costly courier fees or trips to your financial institution.
  • Efficient: Save time preparing deposits. Improve staff productivity.
  • Expedient: Faster check clearing allows quicker action on returned checks and check fraud.
  • Secure: 128-bit encryption, password protection and Internet firewalls.
  • Safety: Employees don’t leave the office to make deposits.

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Cash Management Solutions

Stay in control of your finances anytime. It's not only easier, it's greener, too. Our Commercial Online Banking services provide user-friendly tools to help you manage your money from different locations with devices that connect to the Internet. 

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 *Merchant Capture service may be subject to service provider fees, additional terms and conditions, and/or additional fees.



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