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Card Controls

Get control of your debit card using our mobile app.

Did you lose your card in your house or car? Leave it at the office by accident? Maybe it is in your other bag or the pocket of the jeans you wore yesterday?

Odds are, you aren’t 100 percent sure where it is, but you don’t think its been stolen. You now have the option to shut your card off using the Mobile Banking App. Simply log into our Mobile Banking App and tap on ‘Manage My Cards’ to turn your cards on and off. When you find your card, simply log back into the app and turn the card on again.

You can also report your card as stolen through the app. This will disable your card’s use, but you will want to contact your banker the next business day to officially report your card as stolen. Your banker will work with you through this process and issue you a new card with a new number.

While you can disable your card for PIN and Signature transactions, some things will not be blocked. For instance, you cannot block online or reoccurring purchases tied to your card.

You can also set transaction limits and geographical limits for your card. These limits allow you to control where and for how much your card can be used.

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