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Security Statement

How we keep your information safe.

Modern technology offers our bank customers many convenient options to manage money electronically. Customers can easily access their personal account information through the Internet on their home computer or mobile device. With this ease of accessibility, also comes the potential threat to personal information. Andrew Johnson Bank takes your privacy seriously. Our Information Technology department uses a multi-layered security system that utilizes multifactor authentication, 128-bit data encryption and hardware and software firewalls to “lock out” customer information to unwanted visitors to our network.

For optimum security, the customer and the Bank must work together to safeguard personal information. We encourage our customers to remain vigilant to fraud and deception as well as practice safety measures to prevent identify theft or compromising personal information.

The Bank recommends the following:

  • Using strong passwords management techniques, especially changing your online password every 60 to 90 days,
  • Keeping your software and hardware systems up to date,
  • Never sharing internet credentials or posting where they can be easily accessed by unauthorized users,
  • Using and keeping updated anti-virus and malware software on your systems, and
  • Frequently monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity.

Our security policy specifies that no employee of Andrew Johnson Bank will ever contact you to request your banking passwords, usernames or account numbers. If you have reason to believe that you are being targeted for a scam, you may call us at 423-783-1000 or email us using the secure email located on our Contact Us page.

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